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2201 US Route 7 North
Rutland, VT 05701
Phone: 802-775-2355
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Service Department

Phone: Local: (802) 775-2355, Toll Free: (888) 214-8031
Fax: (802) 775-6465

Monday - Friday    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday    Closed

Jerry’s Nissan Ranks High in Customer Satisfaction


  With a national rating of 32.7 percent for customer loyalty in the  U.S. as an average for Nissan dealers, it’s pretty awesome that Jerry’s Nissan in Rutland, Vermont has a 57.1% rating, nearly twice the average rating of any dealership in the United States. This rating is measured for over all customer loyalty and owner retention which means Jerry’s Nissan customers keep coming back. “Customer satisfaction comes easy for us in general, because we treat the customer as we would want to be treated,” says Service Manager John Miglorie. “When something goes wrong with a Nissan vehicle, we feel we should stand up for the customer with the company, because we represent the customer,” he added. “Because of our reputation for our service department, we are now serving multiple generations of customers here at Jerry’s Nissan”.

  Numbers are numbers but all you have to do is visit the showroom or service department and you’ll see happy Jerry’s Nissan customers either taking delivery on a new or used Nissan or you’ll meet their many satisfied service customers. Jerry’s has ranked high in customer satisfaction ever since the dealership was purchased by Jerry and Carolyn Miglorie in 1975. They’ve been going strong and now their next generation of Jake Miglorie and his brother John are at the helm.  Jerry’s Nissan on Route 7, North of Rutland City where you will find a huge selection of new and used vehicles.

     Visit Jerry’s Nissan to experience the friendly atmosphere at this fine dealership.  Chances are one of the Miglories will be on hand to show you around the dealership or give them a call at (802) 775-2355


OWNER/Service Manager
Phone  (802) 775-2355 EXT 17
Fax  (802) 775-6465

Founder and Chairman of the Board, Jerry Miglorie gives his son John a big hand shake and hug for the dealership’s recent rating which is nearly double the national average. Jerry’s Nissan is located on Route 7 north of Rutland, VT. Sam’s Good News Photo

Jerry’s Nissan scores high above the rest.



Mike Warner

Master Technician
Phone  (802) 775-2355
Fax  (802) 775-6465

Matt Torralba

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Fax  (802) 775-6465