Jerry's Nissan

2201 US Route 7 North
Rutland, VT 05701
Phone: 802-775-2355
Fax: 802-775-6465
Nan of Dorset, Service

John Miglorie, Service Mgr./Owner, just handled things excellent. Right on and phone calls and when he say's it's going to be done, it's done. I've bought cars there probably now for 18 years. I love them.

Rene of Londonderry, Service

They just do everything really well, they're great! They're just on time, friendly, they just help you out and explain what they're doing, they're really great!!

Elaine of Cuttingsville, Sales

They're just very good at what they do. I was quite satisfied.

John L. of Rutland, Sales

A wonderful attitude and a sincere desire to make the transaction as easy for me as possible.

Mr. & Mrs. R. of Brandon, Sales.
It's just that they were very willing to talk to us and let us take our time and let us make our decision. They were just very kind. This is our first experience with them and if this is any indication of the way they're going to be, we'll be very happy there.

Edward of Rutland, Sales.

Very Easy, no hard sell. I came in there, I knew what I wanted and he helped me out immensely. He actually answered a lot more questions than I had.

John of Rutland, Sales.

I've had cars from that agency before and I know everyone there so I was pleased. They just keep on doing a good job!!

G.H. of Rutland, Sales.

They called me the minute they were done and left me a message that everything was completed. They would have told me if something was unusual and nothing was.  I have been a customer for a long time and I would go nowhere else.

K.R. of Brandon, Service.

They didn't doubt my word, one of the things that the dealership doesn't do was doubt my claim that something was wrong.  They didn't second guess it.  They listened to me.  They investigated it.  They found out and actualized that something was wrong but they never doubted it.  I would go to Jerry's again because they've always been good to me as far as service, repair work, warranties, sales, trade etc.  I really like those guys.  I think they're a great dealership.  It's nice to be able to know the people and talk to the people that know the face behind the motion. I know John from service.  I know Jake.  It's nice.  I know all the sales people are nice.  Everybody's nice, including Sue.  They've been there a long time.  The service guys out back.  They're all very nice.  It's nice to know that they have a good clean crew.  They show up for work on time.  They're bright, funny and good folks.

Tom of Rutland, Service.

They concluded a substantial amount of work in a very short period of time because I was in a hurry and they just got right at it and got it done while I waited and that was great!!

M's Z. of Rutland, Service.

They took me in on very short notice and did a thorough job, they told me that my tires were getting worn down and that winter's coming on and I should look at some new ones, I got to discuss it with my husband but they said they'd get them for me as soon as I make my decision. They do a great job that's why I bought my car there.

Gary of Fort Edward, NY Sales

They didn't push things I didn't want. I've bought 52 cars in my lifetime. It was one of the best experiences I've ever had buying a car.

Nicole of Rutland, VT. Sales

They're just a good dealership. You can tell they're a family and it's good.

Larry of Rutland, VT, Sales

We had complications with financing, but they did a good job trying to secure the deal for us. Made sure that we were able to get the deal closed. I was very happy. If I could pass anything on to them it would be that I was satisfied with what they did. I spoke with them. I told them this. That's great.

Pamela of Mendon, VT, Sales

The whole process from start to finish was very good. It was easy to look at from start to finish. They fixed up the car, made it ready for you, instead of dragging their feet. It was amazing. I was impressed.